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Brand Introduction

Foshan City Sheng fan ceramic Co Ltd is a professional and international business oriented high-grade building ceramics production enterprises, professional talents today, the production process and management mode of domestic and foreign advanced, professional production of crystal diamond, marble, barite, tiles, antique tiles, tiles, walls, talent shows itself in in the intense market, continue to grow.


  • Celebrate Sheng line with where the ceramic website2016-09-24

    Celebrate Sheng line with where the website ceramics, ceramic marking Sheng who entered into a new stage. We continue to uphold the attitude of excellence, committed to a better space to enjoy delivered to every corner of life.

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  • Ceramic industry policy to step up the development of2016-09-24

    Domestic ceramic sanitary ware industry in recent years, suffered a cold winter in the industry, the domestic market atrophy and export trade barriers, both internal and external, increased industry reshuffle.

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  • China ceramic industry will quickly enter the era of low carbon development2016-09-24

    To further promote the sustained and healthy development of ceramic industry, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of domestic ceramics industry, the national focus on the development of ceramic producing areas in Jiajiang, jointly issued the "China Ceramic low carbon development (Jiajiang) declaration".

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  • Foshan ceramic industry to create value to enhance the pace of a solid2016-09-24

    World renowned real estate services research report "Trong volume of the latest release of the Pearl River Delta: value chain upgrade 17173, through the evolution of the Pearl River Delta, industry analysis, the main process, and the future of economic development strategy, and pointed out that the role of the commercial real estate market opportunities in the new economic mode in the Pearl River Delta.

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  • Sheng who create high-quality ceramic tiles, to become a leading brand in the era2016-09-24

    China's ceramic industry in the past two years, the ever-changing domestic and international ceramic magnates filled, the market competition is becoming fierce. Facing tough competition in the market, where the ceramic Sheng superior quality, quality first production advantages. Gained respect and recognition within the industry, firmly occupy the leading position of Chinese ceramics industry.

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  • Where Sheng ceramic green in action2016-09-24

    Environmental problems, always exist, in China, in the international. Every breath we breathe, every corner of our life, is closely related to environmental protection. In all environmental protection today, many high-end consumers will choose to eat organic food, wear cotton clothing, garbage classification, garbage recycling and so on. But environmental protection involves all aspects of life, there are many places can not be ignored.

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  • The new national standard ceramic modified Foshan ceramic enterprises settled even the good news2016-09-24

    Foshan ceramic industry affects the new national standard final dust settled. State Environmental Protection Department recently announced the "ceramic industrial pollutants emission standards" (GB 25464-2010), (hereinafter referred to as the "new GB") to modify a single, Foshan ceramic enterprises chiefs and related environmental supporting enterprises responsible person 19 have been forwarded.

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  • Basic principles of tile color collocation and collocation2016-09-24

    In actual use is usually several methods at the same time, using the color of ceramic tile products is very rich, and in the face of an array of tiles, consumers should be how to choose and match it. In the specific shop posted, the color of the mix should be determined by a color based color, and the other or a few color composition of the main and secondary relationships, avoid all kinds of color components of the match.

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  • How to avoid the ceramic tile sticking2018-06-28

    To cater to the pursuit of trendy consumers, appearing on the market the some new techniques, such as ceramic tile adhesive, colorful sealant, leaving the seam paving. Ceramic tile adhesive agent (also called dry paste method), tiles do not need pre soaking the base face without wet, as long as the basic premise of pavement is good may, homework situation has been greatly improved.

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